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Identifying Termites Versus Ants. Whether it's conventional liquid barrier treatment, or a bait system, the latest advancements in termite technology, AAA Brothers have the experience and know-how to provide you with the right termite protection plan.
In early spring you may spot what you think are ants around your home. But Don't be fooled: Damaging subterranean termites are often confused with ants. When found, termites appear to be "white ants," and when seen swarming they look like "flying black ants."
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Here's how to tell the difference. Both ants and termites have two pairs of wings, but an ant's wings vary in length, and the termite's wings are of equal size. Also, termite's wings fall off after they swarm. Wings are often found after swarming occurs. They may be foundin your house around windows and light fixtures. In addition, ants have elbowed antennae, while termites have short, straight antennae.
The easiest identification tip we can give you: look at the pest's waist. If it's narrow, the pest is probably an ant. If it's wide, you probably have termites, along with a termite problem. And we urge you to take action immediately against this destructive pest.
Usually you won't see any evidence of the termite destruction until their damage is extensive. They "honeycomb" inside wood beams slowly and methodically, usually without breaking through the surface. As a result, their attacks often go undetected for years. So if you spot what you think may be termites, have them checked out soon before their damage gets out of control.
Your home is your most valuable asset -- your greatest investment!
Protect it from the millions of structure-damaging termites that are under your

home -- waiting to surface.

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